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November Frequency Measuring Test Results Reported


The results are in, and more than 90 submitted entries for the November 3 running of the Frequency Measuring Test (FMT). Thirty stations were able to pull off a “triple play” by correctly measuring the frequencies of all three transmitting stations with an accuracy of less than 1 Hz: AA6LK, AB4RS, K3KO, K4JAF, K5CM, K5RKS, K6APW/7, K6HGF, K6UM, K7HIL, KA5QEP, KI5EE, KK4KAZ, KM6QX, N2GL, N3FG, N6SKM, VE2IQ, VE3OAT, W2TX, W6BM, W6OQI, W7CQ, W8TM, W9GR, W9INE, WA9VNJ, WB0LXZ, WW6D, and WX4TW.

The precise frequencies? From K5CM: 3,599,405.34 Hz and 7,064,522.24 Hz. From W8RKO: 3,599,637.70 Hz and 7,064,326.30 Hz. From W6OQI: 14,121,266.44 Hz.

Measurement equipment ranged from a standard transceiver calibrated against WWV or CHU all the way to rubidium frequency standards. Several reported building their own test equipment, and the use of GPS-disciplined frequency references and oscillators is becoming more common with every FMT. Making the measurement was done by frequency counters, software spectrum analysis, and even by ear — sometimes by two people.

The next FMT will be in April 2017. — Thanks to Ward Silver, N0AX 



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