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Ofcom Tests 70 cm Band in Advance of 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London


In April, Ofcom -- the British equivalent to the FCC -- approached the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) to help determine which sections of the 70 cm band could be used by the London Olympic Committee for a limited period before, during and after the 2012 Summer Olympic Games and the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games. Both events will be held in London.

“As a secondary user of the band, we as radio amateurs have no specific rights to any of those frequencies,” the RSGB stated on its website. “Rather than just imposing changes, Ofcom has approached the Society in the spirit of cooperation to work together to solve the problem. The RSGB intends to work constructively on this matter to reach agreement with Ofcom on the segments that can be released on a temporary basis. Ofcom has given clear and unambiguous assurance that the segments used will be returned once the London 2012 Games are over.”

The RSGB announced that the first communications tests for the Olympics affecting 70 cm took place in the Weymouth and Portland area June 3-8, with more tests scheduled for July 20-August 13. According to the RSGB, Ofcom is testing spot frequency telemetry transmissions at 431-432 MHz, as well as a small number of telemetry channels in parts of 432, 433 and 436 MHz.

The RSGB said that it is looking closely at how the spectrum is to be used in the designated geographical areas in and around London, Weymouth and South Essex in order to minimize the impact: “We understand that Ofcom has advised the Olympics organizing committee that this spectrum should not be used for this purpose during the actual games, although further tests may take place later this year.”

The 2012 Olympic Games are scheduled for July 27-August 12; the 2012 Paralympic Games will be held August 29- September 9.



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