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Pikes Peak ARES at Right Place, Right Time


Members of Pikes Peak ARES® (PPARES — Region 2, District 2 of Colorado ARES®) were supporting the Mountain Top Cycling Club’s annual Experience Ride on June 17, when a motor vehicle collision occurred at an intersection right where a race rest stop was located. Three PPARES members on site — Dan Huber, KN0MAP; Matthew Tuttle, KD0YBE, and Dean Buckhouse, KB0VVA — were able to respond to the accident, which involved a passenger car and a pick-up truck.

There were injuries, and one of the truck’s gas tanks had ruptured and was leaking fuel.

One ARES operator called 911, but cellphone coverage was spotty, and the call dropped after only basic information had been conveyed. A report then was relayed via Amateur Radio to the race communications coordinator and director positions, which had much better coverage, and the director, John Higgins, N6VTS, was able to provide the dispatcher with the necessary information. The on-scene operators were able to assess the situation and assist with traffic control and initial hazardous materials mitigation. Coordinators, who still had riders to track and a course to sweep, were Nate Dwyer, KE0AHK, and Bob Antion, WL7RV.

“It was reassuring to know that experienced and level-headed ARES operators were in the right spot at the right time,” said John Bloodgood, KD0SFY, Pikes Peak ARES Emergency Coordinator and Public Information Officer.