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QST Celebrates Its Centennial in 2015


Although the ARRL celebrated its centennial this year, 2015 is the centennial year for QST magazine.

First published in December 1915, QST is the not only the official membership journal of the ARRL, it is also the most widely read Amateur Radio magazine in the world with a monthly circulation of more than 165,000.

QST kicks off its celebration with a photo contest announced in the January issue, as well as online. Winning photos will appear on several QST covers throughout 2015 and each winning photographer will receive $250.

“We’re hoping to showcase a number of member photos on 2015 covers,” said QST Editor in Chief Steve Ford, WB8IMY. “We’ve also planned a few ‘surprise covers’ that I think readers will enjoy.”

Each 2015 issue of QST will also contain articles and columns republished from vintage issues. “In the January issue we’ll be reprinting the special declaration from the January 1942 QST concerning the cessation of amateur operations at the start of the US entry into World War II,” Ford said. “The statement was originally printed on yellow stock to make sure readers wouldn’t miss it. We’ll be duplicating that background color in our version as well.”

Each vintage article will be reprinted exactly as it appeared in its original issue. “We chose articles based on either historical relevance or nostalgia value,” Ford said. “For instance, we’ll be reprinting one of the first QST articles to describe the use of transistors in Amateur Radio applications. For the April Fool theme, readers should beware the reappearance of the infamous Larson E. Rapp.”

Ford went on to say that observant readers would find other treats in 2015 QSTs. “As space permits, we will be reprinting some vintage Gil Gildersleeve cartoons. I’d advise readers to also be on the lookout for occasional appearances of the beloved ‘Stray’ kitties. Long time QST readers will know what I mean.”

Concerning the popular “75, 50 and 25 Years Ago” column, Ford commented, “I’ve received a few inquiries from members who wondered if we would be changing the name of the column to ‘100, 50 and 25 Years Ago.’ We will, but not right away. Because the first QST wasn’t published until December 1915, we’ll inaugurate the name change in the December 2015 issue.”




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