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Radio Amateurs in Spain, Argentina Gain New and Extended Bands


Spain’s National Frequency Allocation Chart (CNAF) released on October 27 contained some good news for radio amateurs there. Spain now has adopted the global, secondary 60-meter Amateur Radio allocation of 5,351.5-5,366.5 kHz, as agreed upon at World Radiocommunication Conference 2015.

The Radio Club of Argentina has announced that hams in Argentina soon will have privileges in the 630- and 60-meter bands, as well as extended allocations at 160, 80, and 30 meters. The new allocations, which go into effect in 90 days, are 472-479 kHz (630 meters) and 5,351.5-5,366.5 kHz (60 meters).

Hams in Argentina also will be permitted to use 1,800-2,000 kHz in the 160-meter band; 3,500-4,000 kHz in the 80/75-meter band, and 10,100-10,150 kHz in the 30-meter band — the same allocations available in the US.