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Radio Amateurs to Launch APRS Balloon at Young Researchers Congress


Radio amateurs attending the 20th Young Researchers Congress in Münster, Germany, plan to launch an APRS-carrying weather balloon on March 21. The payload will transmit on 433.000 MHz with the call sign DL9II-11. The weather balloon carries a probe with two cameras, meteorological probes, and a Geiger counter. Two University of Heidelberg students will handle the launch under the supervision of Dietmar Berger, DL9II.

The balloon is expected to attain an altitude of nearly 115,000 feet during its 3- to 5-hour flight. The expected range will be on the order of 125 to 190 miles. The Deutsches Jungforschernetzwerk (juFORUM) is a network by and for young scientists and other people interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics. 



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