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Reported Russian Ham Band Intruders Continue to be Troublesome


The International Amateur Radio Union Monitoring Service (IARUMS) reports interference on 40 meters from various Russian sources. The Russian coastal over-the-horizon (OTH) radar “Sunflower” was very active on 40 meters and audible in Europe in the evenings, transmitting FM on pulse. The site is believed to be northeast of Vladivostok. IARUMS Region 1 Coordinator Wolf Hadel, DK2OM, said it was monitored in September.

In addition, a Russian ship was observed transmitting on 7,110 kHz on F1B with 50 baud and 200 Hz shift. The vessel was believed to be in the area around and east of Cyprus, on the air daily in September running F1B with 50 baud and 200 Hz shift. Another Russian ship was heard on September 18 transmitting AT3004D with 12 × 120 baud PSK2A on 7,179 kHz with a 2.6 kHz bandwidth in the area of Crete. And a Russian military system, believed to be near Moscow, was heard transmitting on 7,198 kHz in AT3004D test mode.

Elsewhere fishing crews often were monitored on 3,500, 3,535, 3,540, 3,560, 3,585, 3,590, 7,000 kHz, and 14,320 USB.





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