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Russian-Ukrainian "Radio War" Remains at a High Level


The June newsletter of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Monitoring System (IARUMS) reports that what’s being called “the Russian-Ukrainian radio war” continues apace.

“The Russian-Ukrainian radio war remained on a high escalation level also in June,” IARUMS Region 1 Coordinator Peter Jost, HB9CET, said. “Almost every day, we heard the massive spiteful and provocative broadcasts. In June, they used more frequencies than before, affecting our bands very hard. It is a great annoyance and a big shame!”

Jost points out that the IARU Monitoring System has little opportunity to stop the on-the-air conflict.

“Only national authorities can hopefully do something against international complaints,” Jost said. “It is very important and very helpful that many other [IARU] member-societies also observe these frequencies and make complaints to their regulators. We have to coordinate this well within IARU and act together. This is the only way we have a certain power.”

In May, Jost reported that the radio war has raged “for years” at 7055 kHz LSB (as well as on 7050 or 7060 kHz).

Jost also reported continued daily transmissions from the Russian over-the-horizon radar known as “Contayner” in the 40- and 20-meter amateur bands and elsewhere. The Chinese “V” has been reported on 20 meters, from 14,246 to 14,256 kHz.




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