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Santa Says North America Q Count Needs to Improve


From Santa’s Village in Finland comes word that Santa Claus is unhappy with the paltry percentage of North American contacts that OF9X (sponsored by Radio Arcala, OH8X) has logged to date — on the order of 3% of the total to date. Next to Santa’s Village, the elves have even resorted to Sun dancing to obtain better propagation, and with Santa’s encouragement, the elves have managed to erect a 6/6/6/6 20-meter array on a 300-foot(!) rotating tower.

Starting on Friday, December 16, at 1900 UTC, Santa will call “Ho-ho!” on 20 meters to North American children (listen for OF9X between 14.200 and 14.240 MHz; Santa’s not sure exactly, as the VFO dial may get frosty). These operations will be streamed, with incoming signals played back at all times. Tell Santa that you see him, and he will wave to you personally. You can also connect on your mobile device.

After your first contact with Santa, you are eligible to request a live video/audio appointment, during which he can speak with your children or grandchildren via Skype or Facebook.

More information is on the OF9X page.