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SAQ Announces Annual Alexanderson Day Transmission


The vintage SAQ Alexanderson alternator in Grimeton, Sweden, will conduct its annual Alexanderson Day transmissions on 17.2 kHz on Sunday, July 5. Startup and tuning will begin at 0830 UTC, with the transmission commencing at 0900 UTC. Startup and tuning for the second transmission will begin at 1130 UTC, with the message transmission at 1200 UTC. Both events will be broadcast live via the Alexderson Association SAQ YouTube channel. QSO via the reception report form. Amateur radio station SK6SAQ will operate on 7.035 and 14.035 MHz (CW) and on 3.755 MHz SSB. Send reception reports via email. Two stations will be on the air most of the time.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no visitors will be allowed into the radio station.

More details are on the Alexanderson Association website.