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  • Solar Flare

    12/11/2015 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Quiet to unsettled conditions
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  • Solar Flare

    10/02/2015 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity spiked this week
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  • Tromelin FT4TA logo.jpg

    11/06/2014 | FT4TA Tromelin Island DXpedition Drawing a Crowd

    There's a lot of competition for band space to accomodate the FT4TA Tromelin Island DXpedition pileups.
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  • EuroBasket logo

    09/03/2013 | EuroBasket 2013 Award Slovenia

    ZRS is offering a EuroBasket 2013 award for hams and SWLs.
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  • K7RA Solar Update

    08/09/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The sun remains relatively quiet
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  • latest112612

    11/26/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    In November 16 edition of the Solar Update, we reported that the average daily sunspot number on November 8-14 was 104.9. In the next seven day reporting period -- November 15-21 -- the average was 126.9, making for a nice increase; with solar flux, the a
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  • latest061412

    06/15/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity was lower this week, although for the past few days, both the sunspot numbers and solar flux were rising. The average daily sunspot numbers declined more than 14.3 points to 116.1, while the average daily solar flux was off by 14.5 points t
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  • latest042612

    04/27/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity revived over the past week, with a big increase in sunspot numbers. On Friday, April 20, the daily sunspot number reached 162; four days later on April 24, the number reached 169. This level of activity has not been seen since last fall, wh
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