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    03/15/2011 | Radio Amateurs in Japan Provide Communications Support after Earthquake

    Since last week’s 8.9 earthquake and tsunami, Japan faces widespread destruction, including power, fuel and water shortages. The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) HQ station JA1RL, along with other amateurs throughout the island nation, is maintaining the
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  • Glenn Russell Ruby Jr, W7AU, of Corvallis, Oregon, broke his leg while hiking in the Buck Creek Pass area of the Cascade Mountains. His call for assistance was heard 600 miles away by Bob Williams, N7ODM, of Bozeman, Montana.

    09/29/2008 | Montana Ham Assists in Rescue of Fellow Amateur 600 Miles Away

    On Sunday, September 21, Bob Williams, N7ODM, of Bozeman, Montana, was just tuning around on 40 meters, giving his rig a test just before a scheduled QSO with his brother Rich, K7URU, in Spokane, when he heard a faint CW signal around 1 PM (MDT): Glenn Ru
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    09/09/2008 | Hanna Passes Up Eastern Seaboard

    Tropical Storm Hanna made its way up the East Coast of the United States, making landfall on the North/South Carolina border at 3:15 AM (EDT) Saturday, September 6. The storm produced tropical storm-force winds gusts, with some locations experiencing sust
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