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  • latest090612

    09/07/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    There was a surprising jump in solar activity occurred this week: The average daily sunspot numbers rose nearly 55 points (that’s almost 74 percent) to 128.7, while the average daily solar flux values were up more than 28 points to 136.9.
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  • NorthCoastContesters.JPG

    05/18/2011 | Live Webcam from the Dayton Crowne Plaza Starts Wednesday Evening

    Thanks to the hard work of Ben Townsend, AK2X, and support from ICOM America, the North Coast Contesters are proud to host the Dayton Contest Cam -- live from the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown Dayton.
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  • WX4NHC

    11/04/2010 | Storm Spotters on the Lookout for Tropical Storm Tomas

    With Tropical Storm Tomas expected to move through the Caribbean over the next 48 hours, WX4NHC -- the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center (NHC) -- will activate at 9 AM (EDT) on Saturday, November 6. Hurricane Warnings have been issued
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  • TSKarl.gif

    09/18/2010 | Please Keep 7.065 MHz Open for Tropical Storm Karl Communications

    At 7:00 PM (CDT) on Friday, September 17, the center of Tropical Storm Karl is moving toward the interior of Central Mexico, currently heading in a west-northwest direction at 9 MPH. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center are predicting that the sto
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