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    04/04/2011 | Announcing the Winners of the ARRL Video Contest

    With more than 30 videos submitted from all corners of the Earth, the ARRL’s production and editorial team had a tough job ahead of them as they sat down to pick the best one. But in the end, these ARRL HQ staff members picked a clear a decisive winner.
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  • Uli Ann, KK8I (left), was the winner of the over 30 (with <em>Rufz</em> experience) category.

    06/05/2009 | Rufz CW Trainer: A Big Hit in Dayton

    If you walked past the IARU booth in the ARRL EXPO at the Dayton Hamvention this year, you might have noticed a few amateurs sitting in front of PCs with headphones on typing intently, a serious look on their faces. They were in the middle of a session wi
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