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    07/13/2016 | Sweden’s SAQ Alexanderson Alternator Station Receives Nearly 300 Reports

    Lars Kalland, SM6NM, at the SAQ Grimeton Heritage Site station in Sweden issued a preliminary report on July 12, noting that 297 listener reports were received, and most listeners were able to copy at least part of the July 3 “Alexanderson Day” commemo...
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    02/11/2011 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Seven different sunspot groups were visible over the past week. The high sunspot number in the past seven days was 71 on Tuesday, and the average daily sunspot number more than doubled, rising more than 24 points to 44.3. The average daily solar flux was
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  • 05/22/2009 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Do sunspots matter? Many of us are surprised at how good conditions can be with zero sunspots; the weak solar wind and lack of flares and geomagnetic events likely have something to do with it. Many times during the more active solar periods, sunspots wer
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