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  • Victoria is located in the southeastern corner of Australia. It is the smallest mainland state in area but the most densely populated and urbanized in the country. More than 70 percent of Victorians live in Melbourne, its capital and largest city.

    02/18/2009 | Hams in Australia Assist with Massive Brushfires

    In the Australian state of Victoria, Amateur Radio operators have been activated to provide communications links into towns that have had their normal communications destroyed by the bushfires that have decimated the state. Members of the Wireless Institu
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  • DTTate

    01/05/2009 | FCC Commissioners: Now There Are Four

    The term of FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, a Republican from Tennessee, came to an end on January 3 as the 111th Congress convened for the first time. Originally selected by President Bush to fill the unexpired term of then-Chairman Michael Powell,
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