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  • Solar Disk Aug 28

    08/28/2015 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, reports: We saw just one new sunspot group (AR2403) over the August 20-26 reporting week, but it was a big one, directly facing Earth on August 23.
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  • Solar Disk

    10/17/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity has been declining during the past week.
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  • Sunspots

    08/15/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    On Thursday, August 14 there were four new sunspot regions emerging.
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  • Solar Flare

    01/10/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    An exciting week for sun watchers
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  • K7RA Solar Update

    06/28/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Unsettled geomagnetic conditions may be in the forecast for July.
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  • latest052512.jpg

    05/25/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The average daily sunspot numbers declined seven points over the past week to 110.3, while the average daily solar flux dropped 3.3 points to 131. Sunspot numbers for May 17-23 were 114, 118, 110, 124, 120, 95 and 91, with a mean of 110.3. The 10.7 cm flu
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