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  • PS-46 Balloon map

    06/04/2015 | Another Australian Balloon with a Ham Radio Payload Circumnavigates Earth

    The circumnavigation of another foil balloon from Australia carrying a ham radio payload has demonstrated that having one circle the Southern Hemisphere is no fluke.
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  • quiz

    11/04/2014 | New QST QuickStats Poll Posted

    Cast your votes in the poll today!
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  • latest092012

    09/21/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The average daily sunspot numbers dropped this week, from 83.1 to 56, while the average daily solar flux declined from 118.9 to 101.4. Sunspot numbers for September 13-19 were 44, 44, 53, 77, 51, 61 and 62, with a mean of 56.
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  • latest102910

    10/29/2010 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The daily sunspot number went all the way to 74 this week (on Tuesday, October 26), but the average sunspot number was down more than 5 points from the previous week, to 50.3. Sunspot numbers for October 21-27 were 34, 34, 43, 57, 57, 74 and 53, with a me
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  • Sunspot052810

    05/28/2010 | The K7RA Solar Update

    This weekend is the CQ WPX CW Contest and conditions may be a little rough. Our current sunspot group 1072 has reached the Sun’s western horizon and is shrinking, and to top it all off, what looked like a possible emerging spot on Wednesday was not to be.
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