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  • February2013QST-digital.jpg

    03/15/2013 | Digital Edition of April QST Now Available

    The digital version of the April QST is now available to ARRL members. The digital version includes many features not available in the print version.
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  • K1TTT_40Meters

    04/11/2011 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Uda Thunk It?

    The Yagi-Uda array, best known as “the Yagi,” is in its ninth decade of wireless service. Arguably the most useful antenna design ever devised beyond the dipole, Yagis are found everywhere in Amateur Radio -- from the low HF bands to microwaves. Why not s
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  • arecibo

    04/07/2010 | Moonbounce for Everyone -- Courtesy of the Arecibo Radio Telescope!

    Sending Amateur Radio signals to the Moon and back has never been easy. After roundtrip journeys of nearly half a million miles, even the most powerful signals generated by hams are exquisitely weak on arrival. Because of the equipment and expertise neces
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