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    09/13/2011 | ARRL to Welcome USTTI Students Next Month

    Next month -- October 3-7 -- the ARRL will welcome international students who want to learn how to administer and regulate Amateur Radio programs in their home countries. This course, offered by the United States Telecommunications Training Institute (UST
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    07/22/2011 | ARRL Asks FCC to Keep 2300 MHz Proceeding Open

    In June, the FCC released a Public Notice that sought comments on whether or not it should terminate approximately 800 docketed proceedings in the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), the International Bureau (IB), the Office of Engineering and Techn
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    07/06/2011 | FCC Issues Citation to Canadian Company for Marketing Unauthorized Devices in US

    On July 6, the FCC issued a Citation to New Generation Hobbies of Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, for marketing unauthorized radio frequency devices in the United States that operate on restricted frequencies. This is in violation of Section 302(b) of the Co
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    06/14/2011 | The ARRL National Convention Ventures Deep in the Heart of Texas

    The ARRL National Convention -- held in conjunction with the ARRL West Gulf Division Convention and Ham-Com in Plano, Texas June 10-11 -- featured the ARRL EXPO, a large exhibition area within the main exhibit hall. The ARRL EXPO featured a project buildi
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    06/03/2011 | 2010 ARRL Annual Report Now Available

    The ARRL Annual Report for 2010 -- now available online and in print -- reviews the major events of the year and documents the renewed growth of both the ARRL and the activities of the Amateur Radio Service. For the fourth consecutive year, ARRL membershi
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    06/01/2011 | ARRL In Action: What Have We Been Up to Lately?

    This feature -- including convenient Web links to useful information -- is a concise monthly update of some of the things ARRL is doing on behalf of its members. This installment covers the month of May.
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    03/23/2011 | FCC Seeking Comments on ARRL Petition Regarding TDMA

    Earlier this month, the ARRL filed a Petition for Rulemaking and a Request for Temporary Waiver with the FCC, seeking authorization of the use of single-time-slot Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) emissions in the amateur bands at and above 50 MHz, whe
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