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    11/15/2011 | New Space Station Crew Members Launch from Kazakhstan

    Three new crew members -- Dan Burbank, KC5ZSX, Anton Shkaplerov and Anatoly Ivanishin -- are on their way to the International Space Station. The Soyuz TMA-22 spacecraft carrying the new trio launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 0414 UTC
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  • Mineo Wakita, JE9PEL, predicts that ARISSat-1 will de-orbit in early April

    11/15/2011 | ARISSat-1 May De-Orbit in April

    The ARISSat-1 satellite may re-enter Earth's atmophere in early April.
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  • ARISSat-1_Deploy.jpg

    10/12/2011 | ARISSat-1 Team Announces Morse Code Contest

    ARISSat-1 -- the latest Amateur Radio satellite -- began its education-based mission after deployment from the International Space Station in August 2011. The ARISSat-1 mission is to provide a variety of information through its many broadcast modes promot
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  • JOTA54.jpg

    10/11/2011 | ISS to Be On the Air for JOTA

    If you are planning on participating in this weekend’s Jamboree On the Air (JOTA), take note: Astronaut Mike Fossum, KF5AQG, is planning to participate in JOTA from the International Space Station, using the call sign NA1SS. According to the AMSAT website
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  • ARISSat-1_logo.jpg

    09/27/2011 | Take the ARISSat-1 Survey

    AMSAT is inviting radio amateurs to complete a 19-question survey regarding ARISSat-1. “Please take a few minutes to answer the questions,” said Steven Bible, N7HPR. “The survey results will be posted to the official ARISSat-1 website.” ARISSat-1 was depl
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    09/08/2011 | Report Calls on NASA to Hire More Astronauts

    Even as the space shuttle era has come to a close, a NASA-commissioned report says the space agency needs to hire more astronauts to maintain its presence on the International Space Station and prepare for the next generation of spaceflight. The report wa
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  • Deploy4.jpg

    08/03/2011 | ARISSat-1 Finally Deployed from ISS

    After a delay of almost four hours, cosmonauts Sergei Volkov, RU3DIS, and Alexander Samokutyaev, successfully deployed Amateur Radio’s newest satellite: ARISSat-1/KEDR. The deployment -- originally scheduled to occur at 1457 UTC on Wednesday, August 3 --
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  • ARISSat-1

    07/24/2011 | ARISSat-1 Test and Launch

    After a brief test, the ARISSat-1 satellite is about to take flight.
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