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    05/10/2012 | ARRL EXPO Offers Activities for the DIYer

    When the ARRL EXPO comes to the Dayton Hamvention® May 18-20, it will bring activities for almost every Amateur Radio activity under the Sun. From radiosport to card checking to scouting to the Youth Lounge, every radio amateur will definitely find someth
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    06/22/2010 | WX4NHC and Amateur Radio Featured on NHC’s New Hurricane Preparedness Web Site

    In April, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) debuted a new Web site dedicate to hurricane preparedness. The site explains that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters, and that by knowing your
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  • Duncan&Bergren

    05/06/2009 | Noted QST Author, DXpeditioner Lee Bergren, W0AR (SK)

    Albert "Lee" Bergren, W0AR (ex-W9AIW, W0AIW), of Kansas City, Missouri, passed away May 1 after a brief illness. He was 93. An electronics engineer, author, designer and advisor with special accomplishments in the field of antenna and radio ampl
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  • IowaEOC

    06/18/2008 | Hams Ready to Respond to Iowa Floods

    News of the flooding in Iowa has been leading the nightly newscasts for days. But according to ARRL Iowa Section Emergency Coordinator Jim Snapp, NA0R, "While flooding here in Iowa is a disastrous event to individuals and business affected, only a ve
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  • MARS_FathersDay

    06/05/2008 | Army MARS Offers Free Father's Day Messages for Soldiers Overseas

    If Jeff Hammer, N9NIC, gets his way, he'll be an awfully busy soldier in the run-up to Father's Day on June 15. Captain Hammer, who represents the Army Military Affiliate Radio System (Army MARS) in Iraq, has appealed to the families of troops deployed ov
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