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  • RoundupLasso_CW

    12/05/2012 | Rookies Ride the Wave in the ARRL CW Rookie Roundup

    Newly licensed CW buffs can get their copying skills in shape on Sunday, December 16 as the CW edition of the ARRL Rookie Roundup takes to the airwaves! The Rookie Roundup combines a competitive event with some on-the-air training, with the goal of bringi
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  • FCC_Seal.JPG

    06/19/2012 | FCC Downgrades Hawaiian Ham’s License

    On June 18, the FCC issued an Order of Modification, modifying the license class of Todd Wilson, WH6DWF, of Honolulu, Hawaii, from General to Technician. This stems from an Order Proposing Modification released in March 2012 where the FCC stated that gran
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  • New_FCC_Licenses_2006-March2012.jpg

    04/11/2012 | 2012 Continues to Show Growth in Amateur Radio Licensing

    The first quarter of 2012 (January-March) saw a high level of Amateur Radio license exam sessions, producing an elevated influx of applications for new licensees. According to ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, these numbers outpaced the 2011 first quar
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  • FCC_Seal.JPG

    03/15/2012 | FCC Seeks to Modify Hawaiian Ham’s License

    On March 15, the FCC issued an Order Proposing Modification, seeking to change the license class of Todd Wilson, WH6DWF, of Honolulu, Hawaii, from General to Technician. The FCC stated that granting General class Amateur Radio operator privileges to Wilso
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  • RoundupLasso_CW.jpg

    12/07/2011 | Round Up Those CW QSOs in the ARRL CW Rookie Roundup

    The ARRL’s Rookie Roundup comes around again on Sunday, December 18! This time, the focus is on CW operation. The Rookie Roundup is an on-the air event is designed for newly licensed amateurs to build their HF and 6 meter operating skills. Similar to the
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  • question-marks.jpg

    10/07/2011 | New QuickStats Poll Now Available on ARRL Website

    Four new poll questions have just been published on the QuickStats page on the ARRL website. Let your voice be heard!
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  • ThreeLicenseManuals.JPG

    03/12/2011 | Exam Software Now Included with ARRL License Manuals

    Get a jump on your Amateur Radio license upgrade with ARRL license manuals. Now the manuals for the Technician, General and Amateur Extra class licenses include a CD-ROM, complete with exam review software.
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  • RookieRoundup.jpg

    12/08/2010 | Saddle Up for the 2010 CW Rookie Roundup!

    The ARRL’s newest on-the-air operating event -- the Rookie Roundup -- is designed to help newly licensed amateurs build their operating skills on HF. This is a contest specifically for those new to Amateur Radio, similar to the ARRL Novice Roundup that ra
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