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    02/09/2011 | The ARRL International DX CW Contest Is Just One Week Away!

    The weekend of February 19-20 is prime time for CW DXing as the 2011 ARRL International DX CW Contest takes to the airwaves. According to ARRL Contest Branch Manager Sean Kutzko, KX9X, stations in the US and Canada work only DX stations -- Alaska and Hawa
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  • NM7M

    05/26/2010 | Robert Brown PhD, NM7M (SK)

    Bob Brown, NM7M, of Anacortes, Washington, passed away Sunday, May 23, from cardiac arrest. He was 87. Brown, the husband of former ARRL Northwestern Division Director Mary Lou Brown, NM7N (SK), was known worldwide for his contributions to the propagation
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  • MarApr2010NCJ

    02/17/2010 | Check Out the March/April 2010 NCJ

    The March/April issue of NCJ, The National Contest Journal, is filled with the latest news from the contesting world. Whether you are new to contesting or are a seasoned pro -- or somewhere in the middle -- you will find something in NCJ just for you.
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