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  • Solar Flare

    08/23/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity is picking up this week -- for better or worse.
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  • arrl-_diamond.gif

    07/27/2011 | 2011 ARRL June VHF QSO Party Sets Record for Logs Received

    The 2011 running of the ARRL June VHF QSO Party saw a record number of logs submitted. This year, 1243 logs were submitted for this contest, breaking the record set in 2010 of 1202 logs. “Six meters has been in excellent shape for the June VHF QSO Party f
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  • ORARI.jpg

    11/08/2010 | Indonesian Hams Continue to Support Communications as Volcano Stays Active

    As the dual natural disasters of an erupting volcano and the aftermath of a tsunami continue in Indonesia, the Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI) -- that country’s IARU Member-Society -- continues to provide communication support to relief and gove
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  • FCC_Seal

    08/11/2010 | FCC Denies Petitions on Call Sign Usage, Expanded Privileges

    On August 9, the FCC denied two Petitions for Rule Making: one to prohibit what the petitioner called “the false or unauthorized use of an Amateur Radio call sign,” and one to wishing to expand privileges on the 15 meter phone band for General and Amateur
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  • Sunspot040810

    04/09/2010 | The K7RA Solar Update

    A strong geomagnetic storm on Monday and Tuesday -- April 5-6 -- was the biggest since 2006, at least in terms of high planetary A index. On those days, the mid-latitude A index was 28 and 22 and the planetary A index was 49 and 46. This was caused by a m
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  • 11/10/2009 | Norwegian Amateurs Receive New Privileges

    As of November 6, radio amateurs in Norway were granted privileges on three new bands, as well as primary status on the extended 40 meter band and a frequency extension
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