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  • 09/10/2009 | Amateurs with General Class Licenses to be Granted Reciprocal Licenses in Some CEPT Countries

    On Thursday, September 10, the Federal Communications Commission released a new Public Notice implementing changes in CEPT reciprocal operating arrangements for US citizens who hold an FCC-issued General, Advanced or Amateur Extra class Amateur Rad
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  • TornadoDamage5

    04/15/2009 | Hams in Southeastern US Provide Spotting Assistance to NWS

    As tornados swept through the southeastern part of the country on April 10, hams in Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Georgia were on the air providing assistance to the National Weather Service (NWS).
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  • 03/23/2009 | FCC Clarifies What Constitutes an Amateur Radio Repeater

    In December 2007, Gary Mitchell, WB6YRU, President of the Northern California Packet Association (NCPA), filed a Petition with the FCC, asking for the Commission to clarify the definition of a repeater. According to Part 97, Section 3(a)(39), A repeater i
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  • 09/25/2008 | FCC Assigns Contested Vanity Call Sign to Wisconsin Amateur Radio Club

    In an Order on Reconsideration and Order Proposing Modification released on Wednesday, September 24, the FCC decided that Falls Amateur Radio Club (FARC) was the rightful recipient of call sign W9CQ. FARC and the QRQ CW and Contest Group (QRQ) ha
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  • Ike5Day

    09/09/2008 | Hanna Passes Up Eastern Seaboard

    Tropical Storm Hanna made its way up the East Coast of the United States, making landfall on the North/South Carolina border at 3:15 AM (EDT) Saturday, September 6. The storm produced tropical storm-force winds gusts, with some locations experiencing sust
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  • W1HQ_NewAntennas

    08/19/2008 | New Tower, Antenna Modifications for W1HQ

    On August 13, Matt Strelow, KC1XX, and Andrew Toth of XX Towers installed a new 40 foot tower on top of the ARRL Headquarters building for use at W1HQ, the Laird Campbell Memorial HQ Operators Club. This new tower supports the 3 element SteppIR 20-6 meter
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