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  • HamAid

    01/22/2010 | ARRL Sends Ham Aid Equipment to Haiti

    Even though the communications infrastructure in earthquake-ravaged Haiti is being rebuilt, there is still need for Amateur Radio communications. To assist in this effort, the ARRL's Ham-Aid program is providing equipment for local amateurs to use.
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  • HaitiFlag

    01/22/2010 | Haitian Disaster Relief Communications Include Amateurs, Governmental Agencies

    In the days following the recent earthquakes in Haiti, the ARRL has received reports and inquiries about non-amateur stations transmitting on several amateur frequencies when assisting with disaster relief efforts in Haiti.
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  • BoardN3KN

    01/19/2010 | Board Ramps Up Focus on EmComm Issues, Looks to League's Centennial

    The ARRL Board of Directors held its 2010 Annual Meeting on January 15-16 in Windsor, Connecticut, under the chairmanship of President Joel Harrison, W5ZN, to consider and act on a number of recommendations from committees, as well as motions by Directors
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  • ContinuingEducationLogo

    12/30/2009 | ARRL Continuing Education Online Course Registration

    Registration remains open through Sunday, January 24, 2010, for these online course sessions beginning on Friday, February 5, 2010: Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Level 1; Antenna Modeling; Radio Frequency Interference; Antenna Desig
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  • MARS

    12/24/2009 | MARS Gets New Name As It Fine Tunes Mission

    On Wednesday, December 23, the Department of Defense (DoD) issued an Instruction concerning MARS, effective immediately. This Instruction gives the three MARS services -- Army, Air Force and Navy/Marine Corps -- a new focus on homeland secur
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  • ARRL_Flag

    12/22/2009 | ARRL Seeks Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager

    The ARRL currently has an opening for an Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager to be based at ARRL HQ. The successful applicant will represent the League with governmental and non-governmental emergency and disaster response organizations and partne
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  • CapBuilding

    12/15/2009 | Amateur Radio Bill Passes Senate, Moves to the House

    On Monday, December 14, S 1755 -- The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Enhancement Act of 2009 -- passed the Senate by unanimous consent; the bill now goes to the House of Representatives  for consideration. Sponsored by Senator Joe Lieb
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