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Slow-Scan TV Event from International Space Station Set


A slow-scan television (SSTV) event from June 21 – 26 will focus on amateur radio on the Space Shuttle, the Mir space station, and the International Space Station, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has announced. Transmissions will be on 145.800 MHz FM using PD120 SSTV mode.

“The ARISS team will be transmitting SSTV images continuously from June 21 until June 26,” ARISS said in announcing the upcoming event. “The images will be related to some of the amateur radio activities that have occurred on the space shuttle, the Mir space station, and the International Space Station.”

Transmissions will start at or about 0940 UTC on Monday, June 21 and will end by 1830 UTC on Saturday, June 26. “Those that recently missed the opportunity during the limited period of MAI transmissions should have numerous chances over the 6-day period to capture many — if not all 12 — of the images.

The ARISS SSTV blog will post the latest information. Signals should be receivable on a handheld with a quarter-wave whip antenna. Use 25 kHz channel spacing if available. Pass time predictions are available on the AMSAT website.



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