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South Sandwich/South Georgia DXpedition Dates Announced


The Intrepid DX Group has announced its itinerary and operating schedule for its January 2016 South Sandwich/South Georgia VP8SGI/VP8STI DXpedition. South Sandwich Islands is No 3 on ClubLog’s Most Wanted DXCC List; South Georgia is No 8.

The Intrepid DX Group’s Paul Ewing, N6PSE, said the team will depart the Falkland Islands on January 9, arriving on South Georgia about 5 days later, where they will meet with South Sandwich and South Georgia government officials for a safety and biodiversity briefing. They then will sail another 3 days south to Southern Thule Island in the South Sandwich Islands.

“We expect to arrive at South Sandwich on January 17,” Ewing said, “however, that is dependent on the weather and sea conditions.” The team will spend 10 days on South Sandwich, operating as VP8STI before sailing to South Georgia Island to start operations as VP8SGI about February 1.

“Our main priority is to make a great impact to the need for South Sandwich contacts, and we will sacrifice our time at South Georgia to ensure that we make that impact from South Sandwich,” Ewing said. — Thanks to the Intrepid DX Group




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