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Swiss Hams Set New World Record on 10 GHz


A group of six Swiss hams have set a new record for the longest contact (based on GPS coordinates) made on 10 GHz using SSB -- 2696 km (1675 miles): from Ilha do Sal (one of the northern Cape Verde islands) to Portugal. Using a 20 W transmitter -- with a 90 cm parabolic reflector with 35 dB gain -- these hams, part of the Hyperatlantica 2010 DXpedition, were able to contact Portugal on the morning of July 10 for almost 25 minutes. The original record of 2070 km (1286 miles) -- set in 2000 by Armin Martsch, DL4AM, and Adalbert Kaufmann, DJ3KM -- was broken by the Swiss group earlier that same day, with a contact between Ilha do Sal and Tangier, Morocco at a distance of 2200 km (1367 miles).