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The Daily DX Marks its 20th Anniversary


The Daily DX, an e-mail, subscription-only newsletter edited by Bernie McClenny, W3UR, is celebrating its 20th anniversary on St. Patrick’s Day. The e-mail newsletter covers DX, Islands on the Air (IOTA), and contesting news from around the globe.

“It was 20 years ago today that 100 beta testers received the first issue of The Daily DX,” McClenny said in the March 17 edition. Of his 65 charter subscribers, 38 are still on board. “Since then, more than 15,000 Amateur Radio operators from more than 200 countries have experienced The Daily DX and The Weekly DX. I’d also like to thank KE3Q, Rich Boyd, who helped produce the idea and actually came up with The Daily DX name!” Boyd continues his association with The Daily DX, editing many of the Monday issues.

“To the subscribers, thank you for your financial support and input. Without it there would be no Daily DX,” McClenny added, also expressing appreciation to the newsletter's contributors.

Well known in the DXing community, McClenny also is the contributing editor for the “How’s DX?” column in QST (ARRL has no association with The Daily DX).



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