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Trusted QSL Software Version 1.14.1 Now Available


A new version of Trusted QSL (TQSL) software for Logbook of The World (LoTW) is available to users. TQSL v. 1.14.1 may be downloaded from the LoTW page. The new software lets users upload log files to LoTW directly from Trusted QSL, saving steps. TQSL v 1.14.1 also will automatically check for updates, prompting users to download and install. Among other new features, any QSOs that have been successfully uploaded to LoTW or saved to a file are registered in a database, and exact duplicates are automatically stripped from future logs (this feature may be disabled). TQSL also will ensure that the CQ and ITU zones and any subdivisions (US state/county, Canadian province, Russian oblast) are valid with respect to each other. This should reduce the incidence of swapped CQ/ITU zones and generally help to ensure more accurate location data is uploaded. Full information on the advantages of upgrading are available on the LoTW website.



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