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UK Radio Amateur Receives Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Astro Pi Work on “Principia” Mission


News site Cornwall Live in the UK reports that radio amateur David Honess, M6DNT, of Penzance, Cornwall, is the recipient of a Sir Arthur Clarke Award in recognition of this Astro Pi work with the recent Tim Peake, KG5BVI/GB1SS “Principia” mission on the International Space Station. Clarke, who died in 2008, was a science and science fiction writer and futurist.

The award was presented on behalf of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation and the British Interplanetary Society in the “Space Achievement-Industry/Project Individual” category. The Astro Pi project installed two Raspberry Pi computers (“Izzy” and “Ed”) on the ISS as platform for students to run their own computer code in space and to speak with Peake.

Honess was described as “the driving force” behind procuring the two UK-designed and manufactured Astro Pi computers. — Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News