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UK Telecoms Regulator Ofcom Concedes Call Sign Error


The UK’s telecommunications regulator Ofcom has surprised some Amateur Radio license recipients in England by issuing call signs with a “GE” or “ME” prefix. It's been reported that one amateur who contacted the agency was told that the staff had been instructed to issue call signs for England with a Regional Secondary Locator (RSL) of "E."

A Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) statement said that Ofcom had confirmed that this was an error, however, and not a change in policy. In the wake of a rulemaking proceeding last year, Ofcom has begun notifying licensees that it intends to vary licenses in line with decisions stemming from that proceeding. The RSGB said Ofcom would provide further information. — Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News; RSGB



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