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AMSAT Solicits Nominations for the 2020 Board of Directors Election


AMSAT is soliciting candidate nominations for the 2020 Board of Directors Election set for later this year, to fill the seats of three incumbent Directors whose 2-year terms expire in 2020: Tom Clark, K3IO; Mark Hammond, N8MH, and Bruce Paige, KK5DO. AMSAT members may further elect up to two Alternate Directors for 1-year terms. Valid Director nominations must be in writing and require either one “member-society” or five current individual members in good standing to nominate an AMSAT member.

Send written nominations — in electronic form, including email, or electronic image of a paper document — including the nominee’s name, call sign, and contact information, as well as the nominators’ names, call signs, and contact information, to AMSAT Secretary Brennan Price, N4QX, 300 Locust St. SE, Unit E, Vienna, VA 22180-4869, with a copy to AMSAT Manager Martha Saragovitz. Fax transmissions cannot be accepted, because the AMSAT office is closed.

Petitions must be received no later than June 15.