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AMSAT/Vanderbilt RadFXSat-2/Fox 1E Set to Launch


UPDATED 2021-01-12 @ 1902 UTC: Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne has scrubbed the Wednesday launch date and now says it will launch no earlier than Sunday, January 17. The vehicle will carry the AMSAT/Vanderbilt RadFXSat-2/Fox-1E CubeSat into space. The LauncherOne vehicle will carry 10 other satellites. RadFXSat-2/Fox-1E carries an inverting linear transponder, with uplink at 145.860 MHz – 145.890 MHz, and downlink at 435.760 MHz – 435.790 MHz. Telemetry will downlink on 435.750 MHz. More information is on the Space Launch Now website. — Thanks to AMSAT News Service/AMSAT-UK