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Antarctic Activity Week is Under Way


Antarctic Activity Week (AAW) 2019 is under way until February 24, with special call signs on the air. The goal of the event is to promote interest in Antarctica, where many countries have established research facilities.

Some of the call signs to listen for are: Australia, VK2ANT; Austria, OE16AAW, OE88WAP, OE89ANT, and OE90AAW; Belgium, OR16ANT; France, TM16AAW, TM16WAP, and TM1ANT; Italy, II2ANT, II5ANT, IO5SP, IR18AAW, IR1ANT, IR4ANT, and IV3BOVE; The Netherlands, PA6ANT and PF19ANT; Poland, SP0ANT; Spain, AO1WAP, Ukraine, EM16UAP, and US, K4A, K4K, and KB0ANT. — Thanks to The Daily DX