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ARRL Receives Donation of Optimod 9300 from Orban Labs


Orban Labs Inc. has donated an Optimod model 9300 audio-processing unit to ARRL. Popular with AM broadcasters, the 9300 increases the loudness of a station’s audio without overmodulation, through the use of sophisticated multi-band limiting and clipping. The digital processing also minimizes distortion and other unwanted side effects.

The 9300 includes a fully programmable equalizer that can be tailored to voice communications. Currently, the unit is being evaluated at the ARRL Lab and will be used in conjunction with upcoming QST “Product Review” articles. Its eventual planned use will be as part of the W1AW audio chain that feeds the station’s bulletin transmitters, providing a greater presence on the air.

ARRL thanks Mike Pappas, W9CN, Vice President of Business Development at Orban Labs Inc. for arranging this generous donation, made to support of the AM voice bulletin transmissions on W1AW that began earlier this year on 7.290 MHz.