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Come One, Come All — August 21 is ARRL Rookie Roundup RTTY!


The ARRL Rookie Roundup is back, with the RTTY event set for Sunday, August 21, 1800 UTC through 2359 UTC. The Rookie Roundup is aimed at helping recently licensed amateurs to build their operating skills on HF. Specifically for those new to Amateur Radio, the Rookie Roundup brings the fun and Elmering of the old Novice Roundup into the 21st century.

A Rookie is anyone first licensed in the current calendar year or in the previous 2 calendar years, regardless of license class. If you were licensed in 2014, 2015, or 2016, you may compete as a Rookie. Non-Rookies may only work Rookies, while Rookies may work everybody.

Entry categories include Single Operator Rookie, Multioperator Rookie, and Team. All Rookies are limited to a maximum of 100 W. Spotting assistance or using call sign and frequency alerting systems is allowed, but self-spotting or asking somebody to spot you is not. All Rookies must identify themselves as Rookies. Rookie stations call “CQ RR” on RTTY.

The exchange is call sign, first name, two-digit number of the year first licensed (“check”), and state, Canadian province, Mexican call area, or DX. For example: N0AX de KB1QAW Carol 08 CT.

Electronic certificates will be available for download by the top five scoring stations in each US call area, Canadian province, Mexican call area, and DX entity. No national winners will be recognized. A commemorative participation certificate will be available for download to every Rookie operator submitting a score.

Submit all scores via the Rookie Roundup online score report form within 72 hours of the contest’s conclusion. More information is on the ARRL Rookie Roundup web page.

Three Rookie Roundups are held each calendar year: SSB in April, RTTY in August, and CW in December. See you on the Rookie Roundup RTTY!