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Donations of Unwanted Amateur Radio, Test Gear Support ARRL’s Mission


Downsizing your shack? Want your now-unused equipment to help promote and preserve Amateur Radio for future generations? If so, consider donating your used Amateur Radio and test equipment to ARRL.

The ARRL Lab accepts used equipment from radio amateurs and their families. Once evaluated, much of the donated equipment is sold, and proceeds help to fund programs that educate, promote, and preserve the values of Amateur Radio. Assistant ARRL Laboratory Manager Bob Allison, WB1GCM, is spearheading the donation program.

“A common problem for hams and their families is what to do with surplus Amateur Radio equipment,” Allison said. “We have, for a number of years, accepted in-kind donations on a limited basis. Now, thanks to dedicated volunteers in the ARRL Lab, we have additional help to efficiently clean and test donated equipment. So, we’re letting our members know that the donation door is open; all are welcome!”

Allison said that many donors have expressed satisfaction and, at times, relief that their equipment is going to a good cause. “An alarming amount of relatively new equipment has ended up in dumpsters, because family members had no idea what the equipment was or what to do with it. That is a shame,” he said.

For more information on how to donate used Amateur equipment, accessories, and test equipment, contact the ARRL Laboratory via e-mail to or by telephone at (860) 594-0214 during ARRL Headquarters business hours.

ARRL is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) organization holding federal tax identification number 06-6000004. While ARRL gladly acknowledges receipt of all in-kind donations, the League cannot, by law, provide donors with a dollar value of items donated.