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ES100-Prefix Special Event Stations Mark Estonia’s Centennial


The ES100 Project invites hams around the world to chase 15 different ES100-prefix call signs to celebrate Estonia’s centennial. The activity runs from February 1 until March 31.

For awards, each contact counts two points for European stations and four points for non-European stations per mode and per band, with three award levels: Bronze for 50 points, silver for 75 points and gold for 100 points. LoTW and eQSL confirmation will be available, and no QSL cards are necessary.

Look for ES100A, ES100C, ES100F, ES100G, ES100J, ES100L, ES100M, ES100O, ES100P, ES100Q, ES100R, ES100S, ES100U, ES100X, and ES100Z.

The Estonian Radio Amateurs Union (ERAU) was officially registered on March 1, 1935 and became an International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) member society on September 1, 1938.