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FCC Grants Temporary Waiver for Hurricane Lane Relief Efforts


The FCC has granted FEMA, working in conjunction with ARRL, a request to waive current Amateur Radio rules to permit data transmissions at a higher symbol rate than currently permitted to facilitate hurricane relief communications between the continental US and the islands of Hawaii, in response to Hurricane Lane.

This temporary waiver is limited to Amateur Radio operators in Hawaii using PACTOR 4 emissions, and to those radio amateurs in the continental US who are directly involved with hurricane relief communications involving Hawaii, the Commission said.

The waiver petition was a cooperative effort of FEMA and ARRL and represents the strong working relationship the two organizations established following their efforts with Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in 2017. ARRL expresses its appreciation to FEMA officials Ted Okada, K4HNL, and Dave Adsit, KG4BIR, for their efforts on this petition.

The FCC’s approval of a temporary waiver of section 97.307(f) of the Commission’s rules to permit use of PACTOR 4 for amateur communications between the United States mainland and Hawaii related to Hurricane Lane relief is effective through Tuesday, August 28.

A formal order addressing the request for a 30-day waiver will be released next week, according to FCC officials.