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FCC Office of Engineering and Technology Chief Julius Knapp Retiring


The chief of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) Julius Knapp has announced plans to retire on January 3 after a lengthy career at the FCC. “There remains an outstanding team of engineers, attorneys, and professionals in the Office of Engineering and Technology who are up to speed on all of our many projects,” Knapp said. “I take comfort in knowing that everything is in great hands. Nevertheless, I will miss the many people I have gotten to know in the communications sector.” ARRL Washington Counsel David Siddall, K3ZJ, worked with Knapp for more than a decade at the FCC and said Knapp’s retirement marks the passing of an era and a major force on engineering issues.

“Julie was one of those rare individuals who could take the most complex engineering topic and accurately distill its essence and policy implications into what commissioners needed to know,” Siddall said. “His tenure stretched over the unprecedented period of transition from analog to digital and from telegraph lines to wireless internet. The American public has greatly benefited from his wise counsel and advice on the exceedingly difficult issues with which the Commission has dealt during these fast-paced technological changes.”