Frequency Measuring Test Set for April 6 UTC


The April Frequency Measuring Test (FMT) will take place on Friday, April 6, 0100 until 0225 UTC (the evening of Thursday, April 5 in US time zones). The format for the April FMT is a single-frequency exercise with one transmitting station in eastern Oklahoma, K5CM. Measure the key-down transmitted frequency and report your results.

Submit your results by April 9 at 0300 UTC, at which time the results will be published on the website. To make it into the “Green Box” of the results, submit a measurement with an ac curacy of better than 1 Hertz. Approximate frequencies will be 14,121 kHz (0100 UTC); 7,064 kHz (0200 UTC, and 3,958 kHz (0300 UTC). 



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