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November 2017 Frequency Measuring Test Set


Frequency Measuring Test (FMT) manager Connie Marshall, K5CM, promised something “a little different” for the fall FMT, which begins on November 3 at 0200 UTC. Instead of measuring a single frequency, this test will measure a pair of frequencies — a “two-tone” test. Although the two frequencies will not jump back and forth at the rate of an actual FSK signal, participants will measure both signals and the shift between them.

The test will be conducted on 80 and 40 meters. Following the call up, the test signals will begin on the announced frequency. This is the lower of the two test signal frequencies. Approximately 1 minute later, the test signal will stop and resume on the second, somewhat higher frequency.

The shift between the frequencies will be approximately the same as a standard 170 Hz shift RTTY signal. Your job is to measure the frequency of the initial, lower frequency RF signal, and the audio frequency (AF) shift between the two test signals.

Details are on the Frequency Measuring Tests page.