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On-the-Air Activity to Mark 50th Anniversary of First Market Reef DXpedition


The Aland Islands Postal Administration is issuing a postcard this year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first DXpedition to Market Reef, OJ0MR, in late December 1969 and its attainment of DXCC status. Soon after that initial operation, the permanent lighthouse keeper, Karl-Erik, OJ0MA, also hit the airwaves, and a stream of DXpeditions followed, establishing Market Reef as a dream location for hundreds of operators. The Northern California DX Foundation and the Finnish DX Foundation later assisted the Finnish Light House Society (FLS) to restore the remote DX outpost between the Aland Islands and Sweden.

This year, many veteran DXpeditioners will return to Market Reef, including some up-and-coming young DXers from Finland and Sweden. The activity, which got under way on June 8, may even extend into the winter in order to catch the best low-band openings. OJ0A and OJ0Z will be on the air starting on July 6. Market Reef will also be active as OJ0B during the IARU HF World Championship Contest over the July 13 – 14 weekend. Youth Week will follow, with OJ0C on the air starting on July 15, followed by an Islands on the Air operation as OJ0DX, starting on July 27. For International Lighthouse/Lightship weekend, August 17 – 18, the call sign OJ0O will be active.

At present, there are 21 OJØ licensees, and more than half are expected to be active during this 50th anniversary year. Special awards are available for working at least five of these operators during 2019. Contacting 10 will qualify the operator for a special award and a symbolic key to the lighthouse. (Submit log extracts to OH3WS.)

The Market Reef commemorative postcard is available from the Market Reef Post Office at a cost of 4 Euros (contact OH3WS/OJ0W). — Thanks to Martti Laine, OH2BH