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Prominent DXer Roger Western, G3SXW, Continues to Recover from Fall Injuries


Well-known DXer and DXpeditioner Roger Western, G3SXW, continues his recovery from serious injuries suffered in a fall on October 27 as he was clearing leaves from a rain gutter. No bones were broken, but he was badly bruised when he fell, and he struck the back of his head. According to a report in The Daily DX, Western was able to make it back into his house alone “but was in a bad way,” his wife reported. He has been hospitalized since the mishap and is said to have a long recovery ahead. Friends have been visiting, and greetings may be relayed via email to John Warburton, G4IRN.

“I can confirm that every communication has been read out to Roger,” Warburton said in an update published this week in The Daily DX. “He is grateful for every one of them.” Warburton said Western’s condition “varies from day” but he is gradually improving.

Licensed since 1964, Western is a member of the CQ Contest and CQ DX Halls of Fame. He is the author of several books on DXing and contesting and is a veteran of many major DXpeditions. — Thanks to The Daily DX