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Russia’s Oldest Radio Amateur Oleg S. Klyucharev, U1AU, SK


Russia’s oldest Amateur Radio operator, Oleg S. Klyucharev, U1AU, of St. Petersburg, died on January 31. He was 102. His death comes just days after the death of the oldest US radio amateur, Charlie Hellman, W2RP.

Klyucharev was licensed as EU3GM in 1933, and as U1AU the following year. Born in Strelna in 1915 in czarist Russia. He graduated in 1937 from the Maritime College and spent some time in the Arctic and on Antarctica.

He served in World War II in the defense and liberation of Sevastopol. During his working years, Klyucharev was the head of communications for the Baltic Shipping Company. He was a member of the Amateur Radio Association of St. Petersburg and was active on the air until his death.