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Taurus-1 CubeSat with FM-to-Codec-2 Transponder Launched


The Taurus-1 (Jinniuzuo-1) CubeSat carrying an Amateur Radio FM-to-Codec-2 transponder was launched on September 12 from China’s Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The CubeSat was developed by Aerospace System Engineering Research Institute of Shanghai for youth education and Amateur Radio. The transponder is similar to that used on the LilacSat-1 (LO-90) CubeSat and can use the same software, once frequencies are changed, receiving FM with 67 Hz CTCSS on 145.820 MHz and retransmitting it as Codec-2 9,600 bps BPSK digital voice on 436.760 MHz.

The telemetry downlink is 435.840 MHz. In addition to the transponder, the satellite also carries a drag sail. Mark Jessop, VK5QI, reported good telemetry signals on September 13. For more information on the transponder type, see “Digital Voice on Amateur Satellites: Experiences with LilacSat-OSCAR 90,” which appeared in the January/February edition of The AMSAT Journal. — Thanks to AMSAT News Service



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