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WRTC 2010 Winners Announced


Broadcast live over the Internet, WRTC Judge David Sumner, K1ZZ, just moments ago announced the winners of the 2010 World Radiosport Team Championships (WRTC) from Moscow, Russia:

  • Gold Medal (First Place): The R32F Team, consisting of Vladimir Aksenov RW1AC, and Alexey Mikhailov, RA1AIP, of Russia.
  • Silver Medal (Second Place): The R33A Team, consisting of Tonno Vahk, ES5TV, and Toivo Hallikivi, ES2RR, from Estonia, with 4,048,889 points.
  • Bronze Medal (Third Place): The R33M Team, consisting of Dan Craig, N6MJ, and Chris Hurlbut, KL9A, of the United States, with 3,942,904 points
  • Best SSB score: The R33A Team. At least 35 percent of their contacts must have been on CW.
  • Best CW score: The R33L Team, consisting of Yuri Onipko, VE3DZ and Yury Romanov, VE3XB, of Canada. At least 35 percent of their contacts must have been on SSB.
  • Highest multiplier: The R33A Team with 389 multipliers.

Congratulations to all 48 WRTC teams! A complete list of temas and their scores can be found by clicking on the Excel worksheet below.

The location of the 2014 WRTC will be announced shortly. According to WRTC officials, two countries -- the United States and Bulgaria -- have submitted letters of interest to host the 2014 event.



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